TimeLord Tuesday – RTD had Homos, now Moffat loves Lesbians, Dalek Flash Mobs for Gally? and Your Phone is now Bigger on the Inside

earthdaughter | July 4, 2012

Despite the order suggested by the title of this week’s TimeLord Tuesday, I will acquiesce to the spoiler-haters and stick the lesbians at the end of this article. Skipping over them simply doesn’t work…you always want to peek – especially with a title like this one. So why did I list it first? Seriously, you didn’t click on this link to read another tired old witticism like “Your Phone is now Bigger on the Inside” did you?

Big Finish does the Big Update

OMG, has this been a lifetime in coming. Thank you guys at Big Finish for FINALLY updating your website! It’s so much slicker-looking now and easier to get to what you want to see. Instead of cringing that I’ll have to wade through pages of audio listings trying to find that cool Doctor Who audio someone told me I as a 5th Doctor fan have to hear, I can actually search it up without all those insane search errors that kept plaguing your database for, like, FOREEVER!

Congrats, Nick and company and next time, hit me up for your website rebuild and maintenance contract. I’ll be happy to do it for say, oh, a lifetime subscription to your awesometastic DW audio range.

Hi…Who are you again?

One of our tweets made it to the Doctor Who photosite fancite. I didn’t even know you guys existed. AWESOME! If you Whoverts just don’t get enough Doctor Who pics from your friends, go join them at http://fancite.com/topic/doctor-who .

Your Phone is now Bigger on the Inside

Okay all you beautiful River Song lovers, I’ll toss that stupid title into the air like a much-hated fez and you take aim. Seriously, sometime after spying my tweeted pic on the Doctor Who photosite fancite, I spied the ‘droid app of my friggin’ dreams – WhoNews. Holy Crap! I HAD TO HAVE THIS!!! You developers rocked my Whoverted little world like a glitch in time, like TimeCrash, like hugging Peter Davison in the green room at Gallifrey in 2011. Okay, well maybe not exactly like that, but you get the idea I’m excited about it, right?

I latched onto it like mom’s teat when I was a breast-feeding infant. I didn’t care if it costs a mere, $1.96. I was shocked to see only  50 Whoverts had downloaded this 5-star rated app. What, are you all iPhone whores?!? Where are the ‘droid-packing Who Fans for crissake??? I mean, read its review, “WhoNews brings you the latest news from all your favourite Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures websites in one easy to use application on your Android phone.

News is collated from over 120 sites including news, blogs, podcasts and special fan content. A resilient server compiles the latest news every 15 minutes ready to be downloaded by WhoNews.

 Using the same news server as the hugely popular WhoNews iPhone app, no other app is updated as often from so many sites.

‘nuff said. TimeSiren says, go get it, dammit. You won’t regret it!

Dalek Flash Mob Dreams

Do Daleks dream of flash mobs? Or was that just a phase that was so two years ago? Does it ever really go out of style with Time Travelers? HELL NO! Okay, this sick idea started like this…

I am a Slurpee-obsessed fanatic in the way others go ballistic when they don’t have their morning Starbucks cup o’ shakes. On the way to my favorite 7-11 to get one, I was relating to my husband (now known as TimeSiren’s toilet-busting husband) how I saw an image on Facebook that I kinda didn’t get. We reviewed it and saw that it was a parody of the song, Soft Kitty from The Big Bang Theory. I said, wow, wouldn’t it be a sick idea to get up a flash mob at Gallifrey next year to surround those annoying, roving Daleks and sing this at them? I mean, wouldn’t you kill yourself if you were a kitten-hating Dalek and got ambushed by annoying fans filking Soft Kitty at you? I figure many lives could be saved this way, inducing their suicide, you know? If we get enough people ahead of time to do this, I’ll even create ribbons such as, “Dalek Flash Mob Victim” (for the Daleks, of course) and “I was in the Dalek flash mob”. If you like this idea, let me know via Twitter and we’ll start a #dalekflashmob hastag.

RTD had Homos, now Moffat loves Lesbians

Life, Doctor Who & Combom reported just yesterday in their weekly news roundup that Catrin Stewart is to return as the human half of last season’s new Doctor Who Female Dynamic Duo, reprising her role as Jenny. Do you want to see them both back? Vote in the new survey question for this month. Click the shiny bar below to get your vote in.

Okay, if you secretly hate lesbians, confess, you (and we) all LOVED that bizarre human/Silurian couple. This straight, married girl sure as hell does!!! They seem a natural for their own spin-off series and fans have been clamoring so much for one (including me and about 50 other friends), that Steve Moffat answered their pleas with the sad news that he is too busy with Sherlock and Doctor Who to even entertain the idea. (So go back in time, Steve, and do it before you did Doctor Who, I mean, haven’t you learned ANYTHING from writing Matt Smith’s Doctor doing it all the time?!?) I wonder if all this fan interest surprised him? It did seem weird, I mean, usually the more vocal fans are either defending River Song or bitching that Moffat is destroying Doctor Who for them. Don’t tell me you people are actually learning to LIKE his ideas?!? Be still our beating hearts!!!

Five and Dime Fangirls Update

Still looking for River Song YouTube videos, Who Peeps. The clock is ticking and the Time Meddlers’ meeting is on the 15th of this month. I know I am fast when it comes to editing these things together, but I want to add a little something else to it as well. Get me those links, Time Travelers!

Would you like to see a Five and Dime Fangirl t-shirt with our logo? We’re thinking about it. Let us know if you like the idea.

That’s it for now. Still more to come, so tune in Thursday as we update all things Doctor Who and fannish Doctor Who news twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

BTW, what the HELL is a Combom?!?

The Doctor’s Fishnets, Marc Platt strikes again and Get Your Tickets to the Dalek Asylum

earthdaughter | June 27, 2012

The Doctor’s Fishnets

I recently joined Weight Watchers ’cause I want to be in good physical shape for Gallifrey next year. While in search of Doctor Who fans in their community, imagine my shock when I ran across this member’s post -
“Swami YoMahmi presents: Doctor Who Burlesque”

Marc Platt Strikes Again

Love Marc Platt’s stories? If you don’t why the heck not? He’s created some amazing novels such as “Lungbarrow” – a Virgin-Published 7th Doctor story that makes the worst closet-loiterer in your neighbor’s dysfunctional family look sane, and “Cat’s Cradle: Time’s Crucible”. His Big Finish stories are even better – our favorite being “The Cradle of the Snake”, a 5th Doctor/Tardis Three (Nyssa/Tegan/Turlough) piece and other excellent gems such as “Loups-Garoux”, a werewolf/5th/Turlough story and “The Children of Seth”.

His latest one, “The Butcher of Brisbane” is out now and available for a steal on the Big Finish website here. In my experience, Platt writing the 5th Doctor is like eating potato chips – once you’ve tasted one of his audios, you want more and more!

SPOILER Get Your Tickets to the Dalek Asylum

After a season of no Daleks (except for a cameo of one in the last season’s ending story), this year, Steve Moffat apologizes to skittle-dalek haters by bringing back every Dalek ever in the very first episode of the new season. It will be premiering to the British Film Institute on August 14th and you can get tickets NOW. Go here. More details are at the Tardis Newsroom here.

Cosplay Gathering in El Monte, CA.

Live in Southern California? If you’re a Sherlock/Supernatural/Doctor Who fan packing a costume and have nothing better to do in early July, please support this budding, tentative gathering. Details and contact information is here.

Some Quickie Five & Dime Fangirl updates

One video link has been deleted from the 2012 lineup and 3 from 2011 on our YouTube Channel. Casualties of the copyright axe were the videos Friday Night, Family Guy, All 11 Doctors and a perennial favorite with our viewers – The Friday Night Project with David Tennant titled “Dr. Who Porn”. If you like any of the remaining videos in our lineups, I would strongly encourage you to save them ’cause nothing lasts forever on the internet.

Give Us Your River Songs!

Know of a wonderful River Song music video on YouTube or elsewhere on the ‘net? Does it make you cry, hoot, laugh? We want it for “River’s Song Crack” – our next Five & Dime Who Crack Video short track premiering at the July meeting of the Time Meddlers in Van Nuys, CA.

That’s it for now, Whoverts. Believe it or not, I actually had to cut it short so there would be something left over for TimeLord Thursday. Remember to answer the survey question at the bottom of the page on the shiny bar of visitor interaction. Come back and see us and if you can’t wait two days, well, take your Tardis and you won’t have to!

TimeLord Thursday – 11 Steals 10s Shoes, More Classic Monsters on the way and R.I.P. Caroline John aka Liz Shaw

earthdaughter | June 21, 2012

I am always on the lookout for beautiful, quality Who Crack out there. Who crack is something online that will keep us going during the quiet time in between episodes. There is so much stuff out there and more coming online all the time with new episodes, new Doctors & Companions and new fans joining the ranks, it is conceivably possible to NEVER be bored in between seasons EVER AGAIN!

11 Steals 10s Shoes

A beautiful, high-quality, amazingly well-drawn Doctor Who comic. A hint of anime style, which emphasizes its beauty http://psychobob.xepher.net/doctorwho/part1.htm . The home page has a link to another Doctor Who comic here http://psychobob.xepher.net/doctorwho/ .

How cool is this?!? Matt Smith hints at Ice Warrior Return!


R.I.P. Caroline John aka Liz Shaw

I also want to acknowledge the passing of another of the Doctor’s important, classic companions – one who, while she never travelled in the Tardis, she was the Doctor’s helper nonetheless.

New survey feature

Would you like to see a River Song Who Crack Attack video? Plans are in the works unless you say NO! Vote in the poll on the user bar below this page. Poll will be up until July 1st.

If you don’t want to talk to us, talk to each other!

We have added a new, interactive feature to the website here. The bottom toolbar will let you the visitor participate in polls and surveys, send us an instant message, chat with other Who Fans, share content with other social media ‘sites and see who’s online. If there’s anything you want to suggest for the ‘site, talk about – anything at all, contact us here.

’till next Tuesday, Whoverts, this is the TimeSiren in the Vortex.

TimeLord Tuesday – Mile High Tardis, Dalek Wannabes and River Song Love

earthdaughter | June 20, 2012

Little Weeping Angel @ Denver Comic Con

Last month saw the first Denver Comic Con with a healthy starting attendance of nearly 20,000. There was a strong presence of the Doctor Who community in cosplay, attendees maxing out panel rooms and queueing to see a full-size Tardis. It is encouraging to see Colorado get their crack at getting some Who love in their own backyard. Thank you, Heather Maloney, for covering this and bringing it to the attention of the Doctor Who community on Twitter. You can read her full article here in the examiner.com. If you aren’t connected to her on Twitter at @DrWhoHeather, you just aren’t getting enough Who coverage in your life.

This past Sunday we dug out the Who Crack video track from 2011 and showed it at the Time Meddlers of Los Angeles meeting. It was met with lots of praise and applause at its conclusion and requests for copies. We even had suggestions for future videos. Someone wants to see a River Song video crack fest. Are you down for it? Please leave a comment and tell us you want to see it! You don’t have to be local to get in on the viewing pleasure. Once compiled, it will available for viewing at our Five & Dime Fangirls YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/fiveanddimegirl .

Next on our finds of the week, if you love, hate or don’t care about Daleks, you’re gonna love this:

Move over Nick Briggs, you’ve got competition now.

Either that or a back up voice for when yours goes out XD

TimeLord Thursday – Who Crack revival this Sunday, Goodnight Pond and more

earthdaughter | June 15, 2012

First is big news for the Five and Dime Fangirls - we are going to be showing our first Who Crack Video Track at the Time Meddlers meeting at the LASFS this coming Sunday, June 17. It will show in the afternoon, sometime after 12:00 noon and is the perfect 1-hour of Doctor Who music videos, archaic Dalek t.v. commercials and hilarious interview goodness for the newbie to the genre and the old hand who loves classic episodes. If you’re local, DON’T MISS IT!

Map to the LASFS -


Goodnight Pond

We’ve caught wind that there is going to be a release of a sweet, new bedtime story book called, Goodnight Pond. Due out later this month, if it lives up to its cover and the theme of the story that inspired it, it will be an adorable book for WhoFans of any and all ages. Sign up on their mailing list here.

Hanging on for the next Gally

We on Twitter’s #gally hashtag always talk about how great this year’s Gally was and count the days to the next one. It’s hard to keep things alive between Gallys, especially when we have months until the next episode. Things that help are reviews of the last Gallifrey, even better when they include pics AND pics we didn’t catch in other reviews. This breakdown of praedestinatio’s LiveJournal’s Gally days experience helps keep the Gally withdrawl blues away. Thank you, praedestinatio!

That’s it for now. Check back next Tuesday for more Who news to keep us all alive until the new series premieres!

TimeLord Tuesdays and Thursdays

earthdaughter | June 12, 2012

During the dry spell between series of Doctor Who, I am determined to keep myself busy with all things Who happening off telly. If there is something cool out there, I’ll bring it in here and we can all squee over it, enjoy it or politely clap – whichever you feel inclined to do.

With this in mind, I hit paydirt today in the form of some beautiful cosplay featured on the Doctor Who Cosplay Livejournal forum. I just couldn’t pass these up…

Big Chief Studios creates their own doll body for their Doctor Who exclusive doll line

earthdaughter | May 13, 2012


The folks at Big Chief Studios released images today of a new body for their much-anticipated 11th Doctor male figure. Highly articulated, their website says this figure “will be utilised for both the Eleventh Doctor and also the Tenth Doctor, with a few minor modifications”. It will also be compatible with their soon-to-be-released Costume and Accessory Expansion Packs. Announced last November, news of the figure was released with breathtaking images of the prototype that are so life-like, many thought – myself among them – that they were actually photographs of the 11th Doctor himself!

Read the entire article and view more body images here.

If you missed the image release on the box packaging (like we did!), see them here.

Older than dirt

earthdaughter | April 23, 2012

TV Land…where actors go to make you feel old. Daytime t.v. is usually quite the incentive to get out of the house and go do something else, but this morning I got a reality check watching Henry Winkler selling reverse mortgages and Valerie Bertenelli talking about weight watchers. What makes Henry look so old and Valerie looks like she hasn’t aged a day?!?

Cosplay Bliss in the Halls of Asgard

earthdaughter | April 16, 2012


Cosplayers are a wonderful breed of people. Adults, teens and kids who are not afraid to dress up as their favorites heroes/characters/icons and go out in public for all to see. Costuming is not new – people have been doing it for thousands of years and yet it still amazes me when they get stares from the “mundanes” around them (mundanes being those who neither costume nor understand why other people costume).

This past week, I had the privilege helping a costumer achieve her dream, even if only in giving encouragement through the creation stages of her outfit and crash space while she was out here from New York. I shook my head as she told me the sad tale of her significant other’s subtle yet poisonous attitude towards her efforts of creating her latest, greatest costume and of her desire to meet her idol, Tom Hiddleson, the wonderful actor behind the devious and handsome visage of Loki, God of Mischief in last year’s movie, Thor, and its follow up story, The Avengers, set to open in the U.S. May 4th.

The tale is doubly sad as her naysayer himself used to costume in days gone by, but now feels it is too much of an effort  for no payoff. I HATE when I hear tales of this sort and it is a lesson to all non-costumers to beware when you tread on the dreams of others. “Lady Loki” appeared on hollywood.com’s live feed of the Hollywood red carpet premiere of The Avengers as she was interviewed by Marvel themselves, so impressed were they with her costume. She also got to meet her idol, Tom, and give him a present of something he is well-known to treasure – a gift of music.

It can sometimes be too easy to give up on your dreams. You have to want something so bad it is a driving force to be able to manifest it when the odds are against you, but rest assured that when you do want something that badly, it will come to pass. Like many of us in science fiction/fantasy genre fandom, Lady Loki has a large support group in the Tom Hiddleson fan community, but they are more than just a bunch of fans. The emotional involvement and camaraderie of the cosplay community is not unlike an extended family – Gallifrey One and its Doctor Who community are the ones special to my husband and myself and have been for over 25 years. For Lady Loki, she has discovered this as she and they support each other in hard times as well as rejoice with each other’s personal victories, such as when one of them get to meet their mutually-admired actor in the flesh. At a premiere where there were thousands of Marvel fans lining the streets of Hollywood Blvd., the philosophy of following your bliss played out beautifully as a single actor met a single woman, reaping the rewards that will never be realized by those who do not believe in the power of dreams.

Lady Loki’s Marvel interview can be seen here at time code 1:16:15.
She can be reached via her Facebook page and Twitter handle of @Lady_of_Misrule.

Gally 2012 pics

earthdaughter | February 24, 2012

Live Support